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Most popular life insurance policy

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Most popular life insurance policy

There are three main types of life insurance policies and you can select one of these most popular policies according to your requirement, income and preference.

Most popular life insurance polices

Whole life insurance, endowment policy and term life policy are the three most popular insurance policies. Each of these polices have their own merits and demerits.

Term life policy

As the name suggests this policy this policy provides cover for a limited period of time and once the term is over the cover does not remain available for the insured. One needs to pay the premium for the term of the policy. It can be converted into whole life or full life insurance and can also be renewed for another term as required by the insured. The initial costs of buying term life policies are low but they prove to be costlier over a longer period. You have the flexibility to choose the period for which you want to buy the policy and pay the premium.

Whole life or Full life insurance policy

The cover of the policy is available for the entire life of the insured and the premiums are payable for the entire life. You accrue cash value and this cash value can be taken at any stage of the policy and you can also get loan against such policies. If you buy such a full term insurance policy then you can convert it into a different type of policy which can provide better cash value.

Endowment life insurance policy

This insurance policy can be purchased for a particular number of years or to a particular age of the policy owner and the premiums are payable during the policy period. If the policy owner dies during the term of the policy an amount equal to the face amount of the policy is paid to the beneficiaries.

How to select best life insurance policy?

Instead of choosing the most popular option it is advisable to choose the most suitable option according to your personal conditions. You must consider a policy that can easily fit into your monthly budget because you need to pay the premiums over a period of time and one you buy a policy you need to make an arrangement for paying the premiums regularly. You must also consider the benefits that you want to get out of your policy. Each policy has some special benefit aiming at particular customer base and you can speak with an insurance advisor to find the most popular and best insurance policy for you.

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