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Wife murdered for life policy

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Wife murdered for life policy

A horrible story transpired this week as a 41 year old man in Aylesbury

Detective Chief Inspector Vince Grey, of the Thames Valley Police, told the waiting press: “We are pleased with the decision that the jury has reached today in the trial of Mohammed Tariq Aziz” “Aziz killed his wife Zarina Bibi because of his growing financial difficulties. He tried to make her death look like an accident so that he could claim on her life insurance policy.

'His actions on that day left five children without their mother and their father has now been convicted of their death.”

“No one should have to go through such a horrendous ordeal and we hope that they are able to piece their lives back together.”

This is a horrific story that leaves a family growing up without their mother and with their murder-father in prison.

He took out a life insurance policy only two days before he murdered his wife. The policy was term life insurance that had a notional value of £110,000. It is widely considered by the police that he murdered his wife purely for financial gain.

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