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Churchill Life Insurance Policies

Churchill Insurance Company was founded by Matin Long in June 1989. One of the first products that were offered by Churchill was direct car insurance. Later they diversify in life insurance and became a major player after they bought prudential insurance business in 2002.

Basically in life insurance category Churchill offer two major insurance cover to choose from.

  • The first one is known as ‘ fixed term life covered with critical insurance’
  • The second one is known as ‘mortgage life covered with critical insurance’

Fixed Term Life Covered With Critical Insurance is an option that would give you large amount of cash from the company in case the policy holder dies or is diagnosed by critical illness. The only important factor in this case is that the policy holder should be diagnosed within the coverage of company’s policy.

Mortgage Life covered With Critical Insurance covers the policy holder in case of illness or death. Churchill also deals in car insurance, breakdown insurance, travel insurance, and various types of health insurance. The health insurance cover also gets you a kid’s health cover for a year at no extra cost. It also gives cash on NHS facility and treatment of cancer and licensed drugs. This private health insurance provided by Churchill stands higher than the rest because it also offers discounts on annual payment of the premium.

Also, travel insurance given by Churchill’s is one which covers all your needs when you are roaming the world. The long stay travel insurance and single trip insurances covers up to ten people of one family. This protects you further when you are away from your home land and also takes care in case of theft or loss. On the other hand the explorer insurance provides emergency medical treatment, cancellation of trip, curtailment and personal accidents.

One of the most popular policy cover provided by Churchill is the Home Insurance Cover. With personal protection as an extra option, coverage for legal services, accidental damage policies, and emergency like’s electricity failure and front lock door break are covered. With these variations your home insurance can turn into quite a package.

And those who would like a pet coverage can easily opt for the finest pet insurance in United Kingdom. With the emergency insurance and annual cover for the illness you can save a lot more on the accidents and unexpected pet injuries. Turn to Churchill Insurance for a wide array of policies that can be customized according to your needs.

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