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Axa Life Insurance Policies

AXA is one of the largest financial services providers in the UK, with a hand in car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, private medical insurance, professional indemnity insurance, business Insurance and life insurance. With such long standing diversity and experience, you can be sure to receive expert advice and professional support from them when you buy any of their policies.

AXA life insurance policies are sold through Sun Life Direct, which is a part of AXA Wealth business, and they have a number of top level insurance products available today which includes over 50 Life insurance, Funeral plans and Life insurance cover.

The AXA Over 50 Life Insurance Cover

Axa is the leading provider of over 50 life insurance cover in the UK, and the highlights of this plan is that people over 50 are able to insure themselves without the need to take a medical exam as is often required by many insurance companies. With this cover, your beneficiaries receive a fixed amount of money when you pass away, and premiums range from about £4 a month to about £100 a month depending on the amount of the cover.

The AXA Term Life Insurance

This is also known as the Sun Life Insurance and is insurance that you can take for a fixed term that you agree with the insurer. If you die while being covered under this policy, then your beneficiaries will receive a fixed sum of money. The policy is open for UK residents that are between the ages of 18 to 59, and you do not need to pass a medical exam to be considered for coverage. You however will need to answer a few questions during the application process. Premiums start from £5 a month, and you have a choice of one of five terms. If you happen to reach the end of the term without making a claim, you can get 15% back of your premiums.

The AXA Whole Life Cover

Contrary to the fixed term life cover, the AXA whole life cover is insurance that you take which covers you for the whole of your life and pays out a fixed sum to those that survive you. This money might go to provide for funeral expenses, help out with education of your kids and grand kids, go towards paying off your debts or just to leave an inheritance to those you love.

Funeral planning cover

This is directly related to preparing for your funeral expenses, so as to lessen the burden and in many cases take care of some of the decisions as to your funeral. It is usually directed to those that are 50 and above, however as long as you are above 18, you can already pay for your funeral in one lump sum, or make planned payments.

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